Housing Guidelines

The intent of these guidelines is to direct proportions, architectural elements and materials of the neighbourhood to present an expression of harmony.

The developer shall have the sole discretion as to the interpretation and enforcement of these architectural guidelines. Contact Dream Development for more specific information on guidelines and requirements.

In general, houses must be designed in scale with their lot and surrounding houses. Identical designs or mirror images will not be acceptable on adjacent, opposite or diagonal sites and accordingly will require modifications to elevation treatments. Higher minimum house sizes may be applied on a lot to lot basis.

  • Two Storey Homes
    A minimum finished living area of at least 2,000 sq. ft. excluding garage is required. Finished main floor living area shall be at least 1,400 sq. ft. The square footage of the second floor should not exceed seventy five percent of the building footprint excluding the garage and bonus room over the garage. Houses incorporating a bonus room above the garage must be designed to absorb and minimize the mass of the second floor. 

  • Bungalows
    A finished main floor living area of at least 1,500 sq. ft. is required excluding garage.

Exterior Finishes

An overall quality standard in the Wentworth area will be maintained through variation in individual home designs, repetition of some architectural elements and use of a uniform quality of material.

Stucco, brick, stone, stonetile or appropriate combinations of these materials are acceptable exterior claddings. In general, detailing and materials used on the front of the home should continue on all other faces of the building.

The majority of the material on the front elevation is to be masonry. The required coverage will take into account the architectural features of the home. Masonry detailing used on the front elevation must turn the corner a minimum of 1.2 metres (4.0 feet). The color and pattern for any brick veneers must blend with the stucco cladding. The brick and stones shall be neutral and even toned.

Windows & Doors

Windows should have a vertical orientation with more height than width. Clustering of windows is preferred. Trim details and window surrounds are to be complementary to the exterior cladding.

Front doors shall be relief panel doors of solid construction painted or stained to complement the exterior finish. Sidelight and pedestal windows should be incorporated in the main entry.


The main roof including garage roof shall be a minimum 8:12 roof pitch. Roof materials are restricted to 30-year warranty upgraded architectural design asphalt shingles. 3-Tab design asphalt shingles will not be permitted. Manufacture and colour selections are included in the attached appendix.

Eave overhangs will be a minimum 24 in. with a minimum of 8 in. fascia. Colours to blend with trim.

Aluminum is a permitted material for downspouts and soffits. Downspout colour is to blend with trim.


All furnace and fireplace chimneys must be contained within a corbelled chase and finished with stucco, brick or stone to match the finish of the home. Cantilevered chimneys are not allowed; framing is to be taken down to finish grade. The flue can extend a maximum of 1.0 ft. beyond the framed chase detail. Where possible, direct venting should be considered as an alternative.

House Colour

The appearance of quality in the Wentworth area will be maintained by not using bright, garish colors. Only the use of natural color tones with complementary trim is acceptable. Repetition of identical color schemes within a 2-lot radius will not be permitted.

Garages & Driveways

Unless otherwise approved, back to back garages are required as this allows for more openness to the front streetscape.

Garages must be designed so as to appear clearly subordinate to the house. Garages shall be designed and orientated with a side entry to reduce direct views of the garage doors.

All garages shall be minimum double and shall have architectural details to compliment the character of the home. If more than a double garage, the doors must be set back on a different plane. Restrictions may apply to the permitted length of the garage (street facing side of garage to house) depending on the design of the home and adjoining homes.

Garage doors are to be clad and finished to match the house. A window is required on the street facing side of the garage; window detail is to be consistent with front elevation windows.

Storage of recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, other recreational equipment and commercial vehicles in excess of ¾ ton is not permitted on the property. A maximum 24-hour parking limit will be permitted for loading and unloading recreational vehicles.

The minimum requirements for driveway surface materials are: patterned concrete, exposed aggregate concrete or paving stone. Pathways in the front of the lot are to match the driveway. Driveways must be completed within six months of completion of the house, subject to seasonal limitations. The first 3.0 meters from the back of the curb on all driveways should to be tapered to a width of 4.0 meters; thereafter the driveway may flare to a wider width as needed. All driveways must have a minimum sideyard setback of 1.0 meters.


Homes at The Willows

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