We expect nothing more from golfers than the general etiquette that is part of the integrity of the game of golf. Our Player Assistants are employed to monitor course conduct and speed of play to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time on The Willows golf course.

We ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Repair your ball mark and at least one other on the green.
  • Replace all divots.
  • Rake all bunkers.
  • Soft spikes only. No metal spikes are allowed.

Dress Code

  • No torn or tattered blue jeans.
  • No gym wear (spandex, sweats, etc.)
  • No muscle shirts.
  • No tank tops or swim wear (sleeveless, collared shirts are acceptable)
  • Shirts and shoes required.
  • Running shoes, golf shoes or golf sandals are required (no flip flop sandals).

Golf Carts

  • Power Golf Carts are normally supplied for a tournament.
  • The cart operator must complete a cart rental agreement form. This agreement outlines the conditions in case of damages or harm that may be sustained during their time of usage.
  • Drivers must be 19 years of age and carry a valid driver's license and must provide a credit card imprint at the time of rental.
  • The 90-degree rule requires you to remain on the cart path at all times until you are in line with the ball. At this time you can make a 90-degree turn to your ball and then proceed back in the same manner.
  • Keep carts away from bunkers and never travel in the hills on either side of the fairways.

Equipment Rentals

  • Each player must have their own set of clubs. Rentals sets are available, however no reservations can be made.  For inquires, please golf shop by calling 956.4653.

Speed of Play

Speed of play is an issue for most golf courses today. At The Willows we have the desire to make every round of golf an enjoyable one. Here are some helpful tips, which will enable you to keep up the speed of play:

  • Keep up with the group in front of you NOT comfortably in front of the group behind you.
  • While in the cart staging area please be ready to proceed to the first tee when the course assistant has sent the group in front of you.
  • Play ready golf - have each member of your group proceed to their ball as quickly as possible so everyone is ready to play when it is their turn.
  • Please cooperate with our player assistant's requests.


The Willows reserves the right to refuse service to anyone that does not adhere to the course rules.