Members can purchase convenient 20-coupon cart ride booklets for use at your discretion.

  • 18-Hole cart ride (1/2 cart) booklet $345
  • 9-Hole cart ride (1/2 cart) booklet $240
Prices do not include applicable taxes.


Optional, season long power cart usage can be purchased alongside of your membership fees. All power cart fees are charged on a per seat basis (1/2 cart) and entitles you, the named member, to unlimited power cart usage.

  • Full Privilege / Couple Members $795**
  • Restricted Privilege / Couple Members $685**
  • Homeowner Restricted / Homeowners Couples Restricted Members $575**
  • Weekday Members $575**
  • Pass Members $500*
  • Young Professional Members $400**
  • Twilight Members $400**
  • Student Members $400**
** per person
* based on the 30 Pass category
Prices do not include applicable taxes.



The Flex Pass is a great option for those golfers wanting flexibility, that just want to play golf and are not in need of the amenities that comes with a membership such as club storage and a locker. Below are the advantages of the Flex Pass:

  • 8 day advanced booking
  • 25% off any advertised green fee until noon (peak time savings of $16.50)
  • 40% off any advertised green fee after noon.
  • 10% off any advertised cart fee (peak time savings of $2.30)
  • No charge for range balls on days you play (Savings of $13 a round)
  • Total potential saving per round of $31.80
  • Other specials will be sent to you throughout the season to add to your savings these will include but won’t be limited to:
    • Bring a guest for the same rate days
    • Rider Game day promotions
    • Dining promotions


Flex Pass cost: $150 + GST