What Does The Willows Academy Offer?

The Willows Golf Academy is dedicated to growing the game of golf and helping individuals meeting their golf game goals. With our experienced PGA of Canada Instructors and programs, it is one of the most respected golf schools in Saskatchewan.

Whether you are new to the game of golf, intermediate or advanced level, our professional team can assist in your game improvement plan. Over the summer months, our PGA of Canada Instructors are available to help in all facets of your game. From your short game to a complete overhaul, our PGA of Canada Instructors are ready to help you be ready for the first tee shot. 

During the winter months, our Academy moves indoor to our exclusive Golf In Simulator. Whether you are keeping your game sharp or learning a new skill, our simulator will help you see your improvements with instant feedback on each golf swing.  

Stay tuned for more information on our 2019 Willows Junior Academy.

CRAIG PRENTICE - Head Golf Professional

Being surrounded by golf from an early age, Craig has been a fixture around the Saskatoon golf community for the past 15 years. Joining the PGA of Canada in 2003 and obtaining his 'Class A' certification in 2013, Craig has had the opportunity to work with thousands of golfers, ranging from beginner to advanced. Ensuring an easy to follow lesson plan, Craig’s number one goal is for each student to walk away with the ability to apply what the student has learned during their lesson and apply it on the golf course. Craig will guide you through a fun, comfortable, interactive lesson leaving each student with the confidence to help improve their golf game. Students will have the ability to sharpen their skills in all areas of their game including short game, putting, bunker play and much more. 

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CLINTON SCHMALTZ - Head Teaching Golf Professional

Clinton has been a PGA of Canada member since 1993 and has taught thousands of golf lessons in his career and has learnt that we need to be flexible when teaching as everyone is unique in terms of how they move the club. With the use of today’s modern technology Clinton believes he can make any level of player enjoy the game more and improve. Along with focusing on your golf swing Clinton also believes that to be the best player you can be you need to look at nutrition, fitness and the mind.

Along with teaching Clinton has been helping clients get fit into the correct equipment. He is certified with most of the major brands and with the use of our Flightscope technology we can ensure you get clubs custom-designed to fit you.

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MARK SHEARDOWN - Associate Golf Professional

Mark joined the PGA of Canada in 2008 and has been teaching ever since. His outlook is to keep things simple during each lesson, by providing a couple of key components for the golfer to work on in the short term. Over saturating someone with knowledge can sometimes backfire, and it can be hard to retain information. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither is a comfortable and confident golf swing. Practice is your friend, and Mark will make sure you're leaving your lesson with a game plan and a path towards future success!

Mark is also a certified club fitter and can provide knowledge regarding any of the equipment The Willows carries and can provide custom fittings using both Flightscope and Simulator technology.

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CODY CALLAWAY - Assistant Golf Professional

Cody began golfing at a young age and has loved it ever since. Cody joined the PGA of Canada in 2019 and is working on obtaining his Class A status. He believes that everyone has the ability to enjoy golf and reach their highest potential through fitness, diet, practice and play. Cody’s view on lessons is to make sure every student understands why the golf ball does what it does and how making small adjustments can have a big impact. “At the end of the day, I want my students to be able to take the information from a lesson and be able to understand to a point where they can work on the range with confidence and enjoy every round of golf they play”.

Golf is a sport that takes time and repetitions for you to feel confident and Cody is there to work through the process with you whether it be on the putting green, chipping green, driving range or at a table to discuss course management and mental game aspects. Cody is ready to get all types of players feeling and playing their best.

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Academy Inquiries

Clinton Schmaltz
PGA of Canada Teaching Professional
Email: cschmaltz@willowsgolf.com