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Power Cart Coupons

Members can purchase convenient 20-coupon cart ride booklets for use at your discretion.

  • 18-Hole cart ride (1/2 cart) booklet $345
  • 9-Hole cart ride (1/2 cart) booklet $240

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Power Cart Options

Optional, season long power cart usage can be purchased alongside of your membership fees.  All power cart fees are charged on a per seat basis (1/2 cart) and entitles you, the named member, to unlimited power cart usage.

  • Full Privilege / Couple Members $795**
  • Restricted Privilege / Couple Members $685**
  • Homeowner Restricted / Homeowners Couples Restricted Members $575**
  • Weekday Members $575**
  • Pass Members $500*
  • Young Professional Members $400**
  • Twilight Members $400**
  • Student Members $400**

** per person
* based on the 30 Pass category
Prices do not include applicable taxes.

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